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Installation Guide

1️⃣ Turn Ignition off, key out, wait for 10-15 minutes
Warning: If you unplug the accelerator plug too soon, "check engine" light will be on as the ECU still has power and detect your sensor as defective.

2️⃣ Unplug the original connector from the gas pedal assembly

3️⃣ Plug the Roar Pedal connector into the gas pedal

4️⃣ Plug Roar Pedal connector into LCD controller

5️⃣ Secure Roar Pedal cables with cable ties supplied and mount the control module on the dash in a easy to acess position


Installation Problem:
Turn key to ACC firstly after installation, check whether LCD screen lights on.

1) If LCD screen lights on, it means your installation is correct, you can start engine now and try 5 modes.

2) If LCD screen doesn't light on, it may be the problem of your installation or our product, please send email to or SMS to (507) 400-0335, our technical team will help you resolve the problem soon.

Installation Notes:
a) Have a look at the host structure of the accelerator connector before installation to find the position of the fastener corresponding to the original plug wire port, and make sure to install it in place after connection.

b) Start your car in neutral or P position and refuel it to test after installation. If your car can be refueled normally, installation is correct . If the product isn’t installed in place or installed in the opposite direction, accelerator pedal will not work and engine fault light will be on. Don't worry, there is protective circuit inside this product, so your car will not be damaged. At this point, it’s necessary to turn off engine immediately and dismantle this product. Install this product in the right direction at least two minutes later (so that the protective circuit should work normally again) and then you can use it (engine fault light is still on at this moment, and you can remove it with ECU, or consult the agent).