Installation Guide

❶ Turn ignition off, key out, wait for 10-15 minutes.

Warning: If you unplug the accelerator plug too soon, "check engine" light will be on as the ECU still has power and detect your sensor as defective.

❷ Unplug the original connector from the accelerator pedal assembly.

❸ Plug the Roar Pedal connector into the accelerator pedal. Problem usually occurs here, check following [ Common Installation Problem ]

❹ Plug the cable of LCD controller into the cable of plug connector.

❺ Secure Roar Pedal cables with cable ties supplied and mount the control module on the dash in a easy to acess position.


[ Common Installation Problems ]

1. Please make sure that the plug connector is locked to the stock accelerator pedal tightly.

2. Turn key to ACC firstly to check whether the LCD display lights on, if not, check whether it can light on after starting engine.

3. Start the car to check whether everything works normally

🚫 LCD display can’t light up
: connect the cable of LCD controller with android cable to power to check whether it can light up and be controlled, if yes, it means the LCD controller is normal and it’s the problem of installation, please make sure that all plugs are connected tightly. (Send a picture of installation to for us to check)

🚫 LCD display lights but our product doesn't work normally: use the Intelligent Learning Mode to correct throttle signal data, most of problems can be resolved, following are steps:

  • Reinstall it, turn the car key to ACC to power, don't start engine, the LCD screen will light on.

  • Keep the accelerator pedal idle, press and hold on "M" + "" keys at the same time for 3 seconds, the screen displays 3 numerals. (To match the min signal)

  • Press the accelerator pedal to the end, and simultaneously hold on "M" + "" keys for 3 seconds, the screen displays 3 numerals. (To match the max signal)

Start engine and it will work normally.


🚫 How to clear check engine light or other error codes? Make sure you wait 10-15 minutes before unplugging the original cable from the accelerator pedal, otherwise check engine light will come. If our product works normally, the check engine light will go soon or you can clear error codes as following steps: Start the car --- Open the cab door --- Close the cab door --- Turn off, repeat this action 3-5 times, usually 3 times to clear it.

Any other problems, send email with order number & problem details to

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