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Roar Pedal Throttle Response Controller

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  • Compatible with 99% of Car Models
  • LCD Screen Display
  • Up to max 80% Faster Acceleration
  • Dual IC Control, 100% Safe
  • Won't Void Your Vehicle's Warranty

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      HOW TO USE?

      There are a total of 5 modes available.

      Race Mode, Sport+ Mode, Sport Mode offer 1~9 Sensitivity Level. These 27 different parameters allow you to find the perfect feeling of acceleration.

      Race Mode (SU) is the most extreme mode. Its high performance response allows your vehicle to accelerate like a real race car.

      Sport+ Mode (FU) is a favorite among spirited drivers who are looking to get-up-and-go. This mode allows you to accelerate a lot quicker than Eco and Sport Mode, which can be quite handy in many situations.

      Sport Mode (HA) is a customer favorite, giving your vehicle the response of an "old school" throttle cable, with a 1:1 pedal-to-throttle ratio. This mode is popular among daily drivers as it gives your vehicle a nice increased response over the stock settings.

      Eco Mode (SA) allows you to maximize your fuel economy by up to 20% over the stock settings. It also doubles as a valet mode to keep a driver (or even newly licensed teenager) from being able to accelerate above a certain rate.

      Normal Mode (NO) returns the vehicle back its default settings.

      Compatible with 99% of Vehicles

      Roar Pedal Controller is suitable for 99% of cars built after 2003 with electronic throttle controller (ETC). We have collected throttle signal data from hundreds of vehicle models in order to make sure of itscompatibility with all the major manufacturers.

      Thanks to its patented built-in intelligent learning chip which can accurately match the throttle signal according to AT/MT and engine displacement, it means that the Roar Pedal Controller is fully plug & play and doesn’t need to have with any extra complicated settings!

      Easy plug&play installation

      Roar Pedal Controller can be installed in 10 minutes or less. It is a complete plug-&-play system that connects above your gas pedal and works from inside your car, you don’t even need to pop your hood. If you can plug in a lamp, then you can install Roar Pedal Controller, as it requires absolutely no cutting of any wires & does not use the OBDII socket

      1️⃣ Turn ignition off, key out, wait for 10-15 minutes

      2️⃣ Unplug the original connector from the accelerator pedal assembly

      3️⃣ Plug the Roar Pedal connector into the accelerator pedal

      4️⃣ Plug the Roar Pedal connector into LCD controller

      5️⃣ Secure Roar Pedal cables with cable ties supplied and mount the control module on the dash in an easy to access position


      Roar Pedal Controller doesn't change the vehicle's circuit or ECU, it is only a signal controller which adjusts the throttle sensitivity. Roar Pedal Controller works by giving you the full performance of your engine's design. It does not turn off any of the engine’s functions or safety precautions, nor does it override the vehicle’s ECU.

      What's more, we provide 30 DAYS REFUND & 2 YEAR WARRANTY 


      Size: 2" x 1.2" x 0.2" (L*W*H)
      Product Weight: 0.45 lb
      Package includes:
      1x Roar Pedal LCD controller host
      1x Accelerator pedal connector
      1x English manual
      1x 3M tape
      1x Cable ties


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