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💔 Acceleration is slow & sluggish?

💔 Throttle response is dull?

💔 Tired of car hesitation but don't want to void your warranty?

Plug & play, Roar Pedal® controller will refresh the love for your vehicle and make it fun to drive again, without changing anything inside the engine or risking your warranty!

New Bluetooth Version
● No Wiring Required
● More Features
● Just Extra $10

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Remove 99% of delays from your vehicles

Have you ever noticed that today's newer vehicles lack the responsiveness that came with older throttle cables? Let's face it, no one wants a slow unresponsive car, but this is what we get nowadays, every vehicle sold has some form of throttle delay built into it. Roar Pedal® solves this problem by removing response delays from the accelerator pedal allowing you to enjoy a new way of driving.


"I was skeptical at first, and had been wanting to adjust my throttle cable for years, if it would have even worked a little bit I would’ve been happy but I was absolutely shocked, and amazed what a great product does what it supposed to do, I love it"

Roar Pedal® controller hooks up to the accelerator pedal sensor and modifies the throttle signal through the digital signal controller to reduce throttle delay, increase throttle sensitivity and intake air volume, thereby improving combustion efficiency. All of these make a huge difference and give you the satisfaction of instant acceleration.


"I tried- sport + mode, it was "yikes", I put it in sport only, and it was " yowza", I haven't tried "race mode" yet, but it will probably be "holy crap""

There are 5 modes available. Race Mode, Sport+ Mode, Sport Mode and Eco Mode offer 1~9 sensitivity level. These 36 different parameters allow you to find the perfect feeling of acceleration.

Race Mode (SU) is the most extreme mode. Its high performance response allows your vehicle to accelerate like a real race car.

Sport+ Mode (FU) is a favorite among spirited drivers who are looking to get-up-and-go. This mode allows you to accelerate a lot quicker than Eco and Sport Mode, which can be quite handy in many situations.

Sport Mode (HA) is a customer favorite, giving your vehicle the response of an "old school" throttle cable, with a 1:1 pedal-to-throttle ratio. This mode is popular among daily drivers as it gives your vehicle a nice increased response over the stock settings.

Eco Mode (SA) allows you to maximize your fuel economy by up to 20% over the stock settings. It also doubles as a valet mode to keep a driver (or even newly licensed teenager) from being able to accelerate above a certain rate.

Normal Mode (NO) returns the vehicle back its default settings.


"Took fifteen minutes to install. Eight of thise were spent reading the instructions. Five more were spent trying to decide where to attach the display. Huge performance increase."

Roar Pedal® Controller can be installed in 10 minutes or less. It is a complete plug-&-play system that connects above your gas pedal and works from inside your car, you don’t even need to pop your hood. If you can plug in a lamp, then you can install Roar Pedal® Controller, as it requires absolutely no cutting of any wires & does not use the OBDII socket.

➊ Turn engine off, key out, wait for 10-15 minutes

➋ Unplug the original cable from the accelerator pedal assembly

➌ Connect the wiring harness of Roar Pedal with the accelerator pedal

➍ Connect the Roar Pedal connector with the LCD display

➎ Secure Roar Pedal cables with cable ties and mount the LCD display in an easy-to-operate position on the dashboard


Roar Pedal® Controller doesn't modify the vehicle's circuit or ECU, it is only a signal controller that adjusts the throttle sensitivity. Roar Pedal® Controller works by giving you the full performance of your engine's design. It will not turn off any engine functions or safety precautions, nor will it override the vehicle’s ECU. All the settings of your vehicle will return to the default settings once Roar Pedal is disconnected. In addition, we provide 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GURANTEE & 3 YEAR WARRANTY.


Size: 2" x 1.2" x 0.2" (L*W*H)
Product Weight: 0.45 lb

Package includes:
1x Roar Pedal LCD controller host
1x Accelerator pedal connector
1x English manual
1x 3M tape
1x Cable ties


Feel Like A Race Car WOW!!!!!
It makes a huge difference!
SUPER FUN to use!


Ensure your car is equipped with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) (most vehicles since 2003), Roar Pedal® Controller only works with vehicles driven by wires. It can intelligently match your vehicle model whether it is AT or MT.

Absolutely not! Roar Pedal® Controller doesn't modify the vehicle's circuits or ECU. It is only a signal controller that adjusts the throttle sensitivity. Roar Pedal® Controller allows you to get the full performance of you engine that was limited by the manufacturer.

No, it has a memory function. The mode will always be saved as long as it is not changed.

In Sport Mode, fuel consumption will not increase significantly. In Sport+/Race mode, it will increase about 5% -10%. In Eco Mode, it can save about 5%-20%.